Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's in my bag

I love watching what's in my bag videos in YouTube is thought I'd show you what's in my bag seeing I needed to clean it out today. Because I'm using my new Louis Vuitton it hasn't been filled with too much crap yet. Opts you can seemly Neverfull next to the couch, that poor bag hasn't been used for a while.

My bag is the speedy 30 Azur

Here is a list of all the major items in my bag

Top corner - Owl iPad sleeve (arrived yesterday from etsy) with my iPad inside

Wallet Mimco button wallet (it's about 4 years old and my other wallet is a Jean Paul Gaultier which is 9 years old but still perfect but I really want the white wallet that looks like my key holder

small white Mimco pouch has all my medicines in it

Oroton umbrella

Louis Vuitton agenda which I use as a notebook as I now use the calendar on my iPad and iPhone

Pink Smiggle case houses USB cords and a memory stick reader that inserts straight to my iPad. Love this thing for traveling so you can empty your memory stick onto your iPad

Black multi coloured Louis Vuitton key holder

black Mimco hairpin holder

My Pills container with daily vitamins

Black Burberry Sunnies

Betsey Johnson reading glasses

FCUK Reading glasses

Smaller items

Feather hair extension (was wearing it at a disco party, I host kids parties)

Pretty pink tissues

Pink measuring tape, I'm looking for curtains and some new furniture so comes in handy

Random brand new earrings I haven't opened yet

Copy of a YSL artsy ring, wanted to see if I like the bulkiness before I bought a real one. Still haven't made up my mind. No idea how or why it's in my bag

Wisp disposable toothbrush things

Orange circle - an EOS lip balm, possibly my favorite conditioning lip balm and I own about 30 lip glosses

Heart- Heart USB memory stick, I use the white thing to attach it to a D-ring in my bag. It comes in very handy at work when I need to give teachers music and videos

White thing - Inside are my beloved Tweezerman tweezers I got from Sephora about 4 years ago, they are the best tweezers I've ever used and still haven't had to have them sharpened.

Juicy Tube - My favorite lip gloss of all time. I stock up everytime I go to USA

Lip smackers- I don't use this much, it's only in my bag for emergencies

Big box of Tic Tacs

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