Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gaston our Chug Puppy

We went to meet Gaston last week and fell instantly in love with his squishy little face.  We are picking up our Chug puppy (3/4 Pug 1/4 Chihuahua) on Friday morning and I have been having fun buying him lots of toys.  We (thanks Holly for the name) decided on the name Gaston because it's from Beauty & The Beast, a fav classic Disney movie and it's just so cute.   

He has this new bed, I'm in love with it and a colourful puppy blanket to make it all snuggly. 

Here are all his toys so far... (have a package of Kong toys coming from USA)

Some extra things
 - A Blanket for the car
 - A puppy backpack, I'm so excited about this
 - Puppy training pads
 - A sheep skin Koala that my mum sent me when I lived in Japan, it's so soft I think he'll love it
 - Food bowl (I've chosen a really cute set I'm going to go and get him this week)
 - Army tshirt with a hoodie!
 - Puppy rewards so he will be smarter then my mum's Bassethound 

 His bags and travel bowl

 Can't wait to get him!

B xx

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When 2 become 3

No I'm not pregnant, we are getting a puppy!!!! He is a Chug, his mum is pure bred Pug and dad is half Pug half Chihuahua. Our Chug is a little boy, well actually he's a big fatty boomba boy and we are yet to name him. We should be getting him in about 2 or 3 weeks. The breeder has called him Boo which we will change. Let me know if anyone has a cute name. I've been thinking Dante, George Clooney, Romeo

B xx


Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY - Baby Shower Nappy Cake

1. Calvin Klein Bubble Dress 2. Ralph Lauren Denim Dress 3. Shopping Baby Magazine 4. Cute socks 5. Huggalugs baby leg warmers 6. Ribbons and decorations 7. Pacifier holder 8. Baby wipes 9. Johnsons Shampoo 10. Nappy bags
Rolling the Nappies
Making the bottom layer
Bottom layer ready
All the layers ready
Added the socks to the bottom layer

Attached all the little gifts

All finished, the magazine and other outfit are at the back of the cake

B xx

Saturday, October 6, 2012

DIY : Striped Bathroom Walls

Striped Walls

This past weekend me and my 11 year old cousin decided to paint my downstairs bathroom.  We raced to Bunnings before it closed and chose a colour.  I was wanting a very subtle silver or gold but the one we chose definitely wasn't subtle.   I am pretty impatient and couldn't be bothered taking a long time to choose the paint and basically just chose the lightest goldy colour they had.  We ended up buying PEWTER ILLUSION by DULUX in a sample pot for only $20.

 Here is the bathroom before, it was really hard to take photos of this room
 The other side of the room
 Husband helped for about 20 minutes before he got distracted by his computer but at least I got him to help me tape up the wall.
 1st coat is done.  For the second coat the man who mixed my paint told me to criss cross with a brush.  I didn't really want a brush look so just used the roller for the second coat. 
 It's so pretty, I love it even though it's much darker then I wanted
I really need some different accessories in this room now to match my stripes!!

B xx

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Home projects and finished projects

Finished Painting Projects!!

My current light switch covers are a horrible yellow colour.  I went to buy silver ones to replace them but they were about $7 each!!!  I found 4 on sale for $3 but I needed 13.  I bought the 4 and grabbed a spray can of silver paint to see if I could paint the others .... I think it looks pretty good and you can't tell the ones I bought from the ones I painted. 
Ugly yellow light switch

Spray painted
All Finished

Looks so pretty

I finally finished painting my staircase black.  I need to touch up a few bits but need to get a small paintbrush to do that

Still to find/buy/do

 Moroccan drum stool
 Pillows for Spring time
 Paint or wallpaper the downstairs bathroom
 Turn our spare room into a 'Dressing Room'
Crystal knobs for all bathrooms

Rug for the Laundry Room

So many things I want to do but we're saving for Europe next year so I'm going to be bargain hunting!  Lots of ebay and etsy

B xx