Tuesday, January 1, 2013

farewell twenty twelve

The year that was...

well 2012 has probably been my biggest year yet!  I became Mrs Seger, got our puppy Gaston and travelled to San Francisco, Thailand, Malaysia & the Maldives.  I got 3 new nieces and nephews, one of which was the first in our family, making my mum and dad Grandparents for the first time.  I also got 3 new Louis vuittons... don't judge!    Started painting everything I could find in my house black including my front door last night and painted stripes in my bathroom, I'm so handy!
It's been an awesome year, nothing to complain about except for the Arthritis and the face allergy.

Next year we will... travel to Europe for a close friends Wedding, New Zealand for a dance competition and USA for work.
Hopefully we will be pregnant by this time next year :)
Redo our courtyard with the new tiles mum & dad bought us,
put in a wood floor soon after Gaston has finished toilet training. 
Have our first wedding anniversary!
Buy a new car that can fit a baby seat
Meet my new niece
Get husbands eyes lazered
Paint more stuff in the house