Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My hospital toiletries bag - Maternity

This is my toiletries bag that I will be taking for my stay.  I got this cute bag from Target last year. I have tonnes of samples so generally I just used samples and I have a fair bit of back up make up so I can pack that now while using usual make up. 

1. Lorna Jane headband and make up headband.  Lorna Jane one is for labour if I need it
2. Tangle Teaser brush with hair ties 
3. Lovely perfume rollerball
4. Mimco bobby pin tin
5. Lush shampoo and conditioner bar
5. Super BB cream (I use this instead of foundation)
6. Sheene BB powder
7. Kabuki brush for my powder
8. Sheer cover body moisturiser
9. Colgate floss
10. Nivea deodorant 
11. Benefit Posietint
12. Benefit high beam
13. Kiehls facial moisturizer 
14. Body Shop shower cream
15. Lansinoh
16. Nivea lip butter 
17. Benefit Bad gal Lash mascara
18. Mac concealer
19. Kiehls midnight recovery
20. Mimco pouch - all the makeup fits into this

Still to get
1. 2x toothbrushes (one for hubby)
2. Small toothpaste
3. Bottle of witch hazel (I use this to remove makeup and clean my face)
4. Cotton pads for my witch hazel
5. Dry Shampoo

Monday, May 5, 2014

8 weeks to go

I have just under 8 weeks till baby Jax is due to enter our little world.  Each week I try and get one of the bigger items that we have left on our list.  These are the big purchases off the list this week. 

Natures Purest Bassinet 
This week we picked up the bassinet, it's Natures Purest and I'm loving it as does Gaston the Pug. Mum got a sock monkey for him which Gaston also has his eyes on.  The bassinet can rock or you can put these little leg things down so it can't rock. It has mesh sides also which will be good. I got 2 mattress protectors, 3 sets of Bamboo sheets and a few blankets to go in it.   My plan is for Jax to sleep in our room in the bassinet at night and in his nursery cot for day sleeps but we'll see what happens. 

I have been searching for a pretty diffuser/humidifier for the nursery and found this one online. While at Carindale yesterday the exact shop I've been looking at online had a stall set up for Mother's Day at the shopping centre with $30 off. I was so excited as I'd never seen them in real life and chose the charcoal to match the nursery. I also got 2 of the oil blends, Breathe and Relax for $15 each instead of $20. I used it last night with the Breath blend as I'm suffering from a horrific flu. 
The Aroma-Bloom is an Aromatherapy Diffuser, Ioniser, Humidifier, Air Purifier and a mood light. Check out their website to see what these do

Ubbi Diaper Pail
After lots of research I decided on the Ubbi Diaper Pail for the dirty nappies. I liked that it came in really cute colours, was made of metal instead of plastic and you don't have to buy expensive bags. 

B.Box Bottle
I ordered this with my Ubbi so that I got free shipping, I refuse to pay for shipping if I can help it!  This is the cutest darn bottle with a place to keep the formula and then when you're out and about and need to make a bottle you simply press the button at the bottom and it dispenses the formula into the bottle I got it I a aqua colour but it looks a bit different in the photograph. 

Next week I'm thinking about getting his baby bath and stand (we have a Spa that is way too big to bathe him in)

B xx

Friday, May 2, 2014

The nursery so far...

So this is the nursery so far, the colours look a bit strange because I took these pics late at night. Everything looks so yellow, I might have to retake them during the day. I now have all my main furniture for the nursery, I do need some curtains and some shelves for inside the cupboard but can live without those things for now.  I have ordered my diaper bin which should arrive tomorrow or after the weekend.   The biggest addition is our gorgeous glider.  It is an Olli Ella glider and I'm completely in love with it and the colours match the nursery perfectly. 
I'm not sure if I had my 4Moms Mumaroo last time I showed the nursery and I also got a Bumbo!  Both these will live downstairs once baby boy arrives along with the pram that will obviously be in the car. 
I have tried to set up the little side baskets of the change table so they are ready, I think I have everything that I'll need.  Butt cream, wipes and  cotton buds and nappies on the other side. I've also hung all my bibs off the changeable but they might move to the kitchen or maybe half do them to the kitchen.  On the other side I've hung his 2 towels and his capule cover which will live in the car once the capsule arrives. 
Lastly I had to take a pic of all his cute shoes. I love lil boy shoes!!!

Enjoy xx

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jax's Hospital Bag

I have recently finished packing my baby boys hospital bag and thought I'd share what I've packed. For Jax's bag I'm using his nappy bag which is the Mimco baby bay with the gunmetal hardware. 
The only thing that doesn't fit is his Nanny Pickle blanket which has its own bag, I'll probably just attach it to the outside of the bag on a clip or something. 

Here is everything that's in the bag including a Mimco convertible pouch that turns into a tote in case I have extra things to bring home with me from hospital. I forgot to take out a wet bag that's in one of the pockets for all his dirty stuff. 

1 packet of Newborn Huggies nappies
1 packet of 64 Huggies wipes
4 burp cloths
Nanny Pickle blanket

1 Avent bottle
2 silicon bottles
3 formula dispensers (still need to fill with formula)
2 Gumdrop dummies
2 Avent dummies
1 dummy chain

Forever New pouch
Johnsons powder (I won't actually use Johnsons once we get home, it was just the right size for this pouch)
California baby - everyday lotion, Shampoo and body wash, diaper rash cream, jelly mousse (in case he has hair), cream
3 samples of Sudocrem
4 samples of Bepanthen
Nappy bags
Cotton buds

His 4 daytime outfits with beanies

His pjs and singlets 

That's all the little mans things now I just need to pack mine. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


My husband and I along with a very good friend, Edie, traveled to Europe for a best friends Wedding in Italy.  Here are some pictures and videos on our travels.  We were lucky enough to visit Paris, Monaco, Rome, Venice, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Santorini, Mkyonos, Athens and Dubai.

Here are our 4 days in Paris...

We got to go and see the Moulin Rouge and go backstage as Edie was a dancer there.  Me and hubby bought a Louis Vuitton each on the Champs Elysee, he got Louis High Top sneakers and I got a bracelet.  You might also notice my new Louis Vuitton bag I bought for the trip before I left, it is a Mini Alma in Indian Rose, LOVE IT!!!

A few vlogs from Paris,
Paris day 4/Monaco day 1