Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My hospital toiletries bag - Maternity

This is my toiletries bag that I will be taking for my stay.  I got this cute bag from Target last year. I have tonnes of samples so generally I just used samples and I have a fair bit of back up make up so I can pack that now while using usual make up. 

1. Lorna Jane headband and make up headband.  Lorna Jane one is for labour if I need it
2. Tangle Teaser brush with hair ties 
3. Lovely perfume rollerball
4. Mimco bobby pin tin
5. Lush shampoo and conditioner bar
5. Super BB cream (I use this instead of foundation)
6. Sheene BB powder
7. Kabuki brush for my powder
8. Sheer cover body moisturiser
9. Colgate floss
10. Nivea deodorant 
11. Benefit Posietint
12. Benefit high beam
13. Kiehls facial moisturizer 
14. Body Shop shower cream
15. Lansinoh
16. Nivea lip butter 
17. Benefit Bad gal Lash mascara
18. Mac concealer
19. Kiehls midnight recovery
20. Mimco pouch - all the makeup fits into this

Still to get
1. 2x toothbrushes (one for hubby)
2. Small toothpaste
3. Bottle of witch hazel (I use this to remove makeup and clean my face)
4. Cotton pads for my witch hazel
5. Dry Shampoo

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