Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby boy purchases so far

So as I write this my nerd of a husband (love him)is off playing 'Dungeons and Dragons' for the next 6 or so hours so I'm going to catch up on my blog.

Currently I am 17 weeks today and am feeling pretty good.  The occasional heartburn but I've had that since I was about 12 so it's not really a big difference.  I still fit into normal pants but have started wearing my maternity jeans in the last week cuz they're so comfy.

We found out that baby is a little boy at my 15 week gender scan (I had it done at Precious Previews for those of you in Brisbane) and they said it was a boy.  I am getting one more scan next week just to be sure because I've spent so much money on little boy clothes, if it's a girl then my Sister in Law who is having a boy in a few months gets all my new stuff :(

I have bought way to much stuff but the list of things I still need seems to be endless.  I only like to buy things on sale so I'm online all the time trying to find the best deals, I've done pretty well so far.   I have opted for a pretty neutral nursery, I'm not into really bright themed nurserys.  The nursery will be Grey and white with bits of baby blue and other soft colours.

Stokke Cot and Change Table

We found the Stokke cot and Stokke changetable on sale at David Jones for 30% off so bought the change table in the Whitewash and the cot in White.  They were the only ones left but I think the colours go well together even though they don't match.  

Mimco Baby bag

One of the only things I haven't got on sale is my Mimco baby bag.  I ended up getting the Zetta baby bag in black with black hardware.  I'm hoping it's going to a good size and I love the pockets on the outside for bottles and bits. 


These little Converse are my favorite things we have for baby Jax.  Mum bought them back from USA and holy moly they are so stinkin cute!  Gotta get his daddy a matching pair.

 Free products!

Now for some freebies, that's right, these were FREE!!!!
I got this feeding pillow and breastfeeding cover both for free I just had to pay for shipping which was about $15 to Australia.

The Feeding pillow- COUPON CODE 2014FRUGALGIRLS

The Nursing cover -  COUPON CODE 2014FRUGALGIRLS

I am waiting on my free baby sling from this website and a carseat cover from COUPON CODE 2014FRUGALGIRLS

Random baby items

This is just random things I have purchased or been gifted so far.  I have tonnes and tonnes of other things, lots of clothes, dummies, shoes, etc.
The Silicone bottles I got for $3 so I bought 3 packets of them.  Sophie the Giraffe was a gift from a beautiful friend.  Mum got me the Motorola Video baby monitor.  I'm loving the glass bottles and got a few of them at the baby bunting sale.  Bought lots of dummies for less then half price on  Mum got me the grass drying rack in USA.

Until next time,
Mummy B xx

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