Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm Back, picture heavy post

I have not blogged for so long because I've bought lots of stuff and done lots of little things to my house that I got a bit overwhelmed with how many posts I was behind so now I"m going to try and catch up my life in one blog.  My sister & brother in law moved to USA for 6 months this week so thought that's a good reason I should restart my blog back up. 

Here's some snaps of things I've bought lately for the house...

 This black Ceramic drum stool I got for only $35! I'm thinking of going back to get a couple more and painting them for the guest room
 Tuberose candle, this smell is divine. Love it $24 from Myer
Beautiful new throw to go on the couch, it was half price from Bed Bath N Table at $34.95 down from $69.95
 I got 2 of these black pendant lights with white inside for $4 on clearance, no that was not a typo, $4!
For my husbands office I found these 4 cork boards for $15 from Kmart.  They are so cute and love them so much
 We got this little outdoor setting on sale for $299 for when we finally get our courtyard tiled (my mum bought us the tiles for christmas/my bday).  Hopefully I will design what I want and rip up everything in the back and then get some people in to lay the tiles. 
 Cute hurricane lantern I got on sale for $10 which lives outside on the new outdoor setting

Before and After with our new taps that my Hubby put in for me

I'm sure there's lots more stuff I have done but these were the photos I could find on my laptop.  Here are just some random photos of stuff to catch you up on the blog

 My mum and our gorgeous little niece Esther

 My little man in his new harness which was $48.95 and I got it on sale for $16! Love a bargain
 My new bauble necklaces
 Haven't made these yet, hopefully they're not to hard.
 Gaston with his best friend Amigo
 My gorgeous little Esther

 Got my crystal Nutcracker in the after Christmas sales for $12, he'll be so cute for this coming christmas.  

 My new boot organizer, I think it was about half price... can't remember

The new bag that I want for Europe.... did I mention we bought our flights to Europe?  I thought this would be a good cross body bag for traveling.

I'm going to try and keep up with my blog much better from now on, I'M BACK!!!