Monday, July 30, 2012

Opps I did it again....

I bought another Louis Vuitton, but it's only a small one this time.  Last night I decided that I need a Key holder so went online and found the one I want.  My husband works in the building next to Louis so sent him in his lunch break to get it for me.  It's SO PRETTY!!!!

B xx

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Wedding Video

Our beautiful wedding video of our Thai Wedding... enjoy x

Thailand Memories

 It's almost been 4 months since we were in Thailand so I thought I'd post some pics of the trip...
Somewhere in Thailand... can not remember where!  This was the morning after the wedding!
Husband chilling with our Flower girl a few days before the wedding

Newlyweds, we got married the day before this

The family at James Bond Island

Scootering around Thailand

At the Big Buddah

Chocolate covered Bananas

Sailing around, getting burnt!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

American Purchases...

American Candy!!!

 - Smores Magic Shell
- M&M Pretzels (they're amazing!)
- Reese's Peanut butter chips
- Toffee Chips (for baking)
- Sloppy Joe Seasoning
- Ranch dip
- Onion Dip

 Random Purchases

 - Coca-Cola Straw Holder
- Bath & Body Works candle holder
- Jolly Rancher Pink Lemonade Candle
- Mac Foundations and concealers
- Ciate Caviar Manicure
- iPad keyboard
- 'NICK' necklace
- Massager (I had really sore muscles the entire trip)
- Revlon nail art
- Benefit Bella Bamba sample blush

I didn't buy much because I bought so much in Hawaii last time there was nothing left for me to buy

Ciate Caviar Manicure

I really wanted this in the multi-coloured but it was sold out so got the Pearl colour.  I just tried it on for the first time just then and this is how it turned out.  It was super easy and I love the finished look.  Apparently it only lasts 48 hours though :(

Baby Clothes

My mother practically forced me to buy the little Juicy Couture Pink outfit and I had to have the Nerdy by Nature onesie because I'm certain I will have a nerdy baby.  NOTE- I am not Pregnant... just prepared.

Clothing Purchases

I also bought a Free People Leather Jacket, Betsey Johnston trench type jacket, Aberbrombie Cardigan and an Abercrombie Tank top.  I have got a ridiculous amount of clothes which I'm just starting to realize so didn't buy much in the clothing department.  Very proud of myself!
Abercrombie Varsity Cardigan
Free People Leather Jacket
Betsey Johnson Trench Cape

B xx

Monday, July 2, 2012

Puppy Love

The Cutest puppy EVER!  My good friend bought her 16 day old Staffy, Romper, over for a play today.  I got to feed him his bottle which he got absolutely everywhere, he had a sleep with his full belly.  

My mummy with the puppy

Almost packed!

Carry On Luggage 

Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 (?)
New Luggage tag with my new initials from a great friend

-Peter Alexander Slippers
- Pink Headphones
- My Pills Case with vitamins
- Forever New Travel Wallet
- Pink USB cord
- Camera ready and charged
- Purple notebook
- Pen
- Dermalogica incase my face goes crazy on the plane
- Sleeping mask
- Lip balms
- Take Charge case with all our chargers and converters
- Sleeping pills
- Forgot to photograph ipad and magazines I have ready

Peter Alexander Toiletries Case

- Naked Urban Decay palette
- Mac Foundation
- Maybelline Foundation
- Benefit Pore professional
- Mac mineralized skin finish
- BB Powder
- Tarte cheek stain
- Beauty Blender
- Sigma brushes
- Dior mascara
- Sephora brow pen
- Tweezermann by Betsey Johnson
- Lip conditioner
- Deep Heat heat pack (my back is super sore so will need this for the flight, will have to put this in my carry on)
- Toothbrush and paste
- Jodie Maran face wipes
- Clarisonic
- Deoderant
- Moroccan Oil
- Shampoo/conditioner
- Hair cuff

All packed away in the sections
Still have my handbag and my checked in luggage to pack...
B xx