Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 More Days...

 I'm gonna miss this boy so much!!  He's checking my tyres cuz I ran into a GIANT pothole which buckled my mags :( 

2 more days in Australia and too much to do.  I have to clean the house and have all of Husbands work clothes clean and ironed ready for him as well as fill the pantry with snacks for while I'm overseas, he can eat dinner at his Mummy's every night.  I will have to post pics if I actually get anything cleaned.  Loads and loads of Laundry because I've been sick for a while

Husband and I went shopping today to get a new printer, it's amazing and can print from my ipad.  Very exciting.  We stopped and had lunch at Hog's Breath where I had my favorite salad, chicken & ranch... yummy.

New Stuff -

it's so pretty
I have wanted a Bamboo Shower caddy for a while now but haven't found them for under $100 until today... on sale for $39.95!!!  LOVE IT
New Bamboo Shower Caddy
Old Shower Caddy
I ordered this Monogram necklace about 2 months ago and it finally arrived, just in time so I can wear it in America.  It's my brand new initials...
I'm a total bargain shopper and found these awesome Sally Hansen Salon Effects at the Chemist for only $5.  Pretty sure they're usually about $15.  I usually just wear one of these on my ring finger as an accent nail but occasionally do my entire hand.  They last a surprisingly long time for me and I find that they don't break as easily. 

Random picture here but Husband had a Mother drink today and I was completely amazed by the opening.  You can close it back up so you can chuck it in your bag, I think.  These would be so good on Coke and Pepsi. 

B xx

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nappy Cake


I'm posting this for my friend so she knows how to make a Nappy Cake.  This is a great idea for a baby shower gift.  I've made a few but this one was my latest and I just can not find the final photo of it because I added lots more stuff after this pic was taken
Needed -
Small Rubber Bands
Large Rubber Bands
Box of Nappies
Extra items I used - Ralph Lauren Polo, Spoon, Crocs, Dummys, Face washers, Disposable Nappy bags, Baby powder, Baby oil, cotton buds etc.  Basically anything you want you can put in.

I have no idea how many nappies I used but it was a just a normal packet, maybe 35-40ish?  You have to roll each nappy up and secure with a rubber band.  There's lots of tutorials on youtube on how to do this.  I then made a circle with them and with the large rubberbands secured the base.  For the base I also added a blanket and folded it up and it fit perfectly around, I secured the blanket with a tag gun.  For the next level I took out a few nappies and replaced with rolled up face washers.  Once this layer was done I just kept sliding the extra gifts into this level and then hid the bands with pretty ribbon.  Next for the top level I only ended up using one nappy and attached it to the little croc shoes.  You can sit it all on a cake board or put something through the middle so all levels are secure but I never do that.  I just carry it and it never falls.  Decorate with little trinkets found at junk stores in the baby shower section.  I did this but never took the photo with all the decorations.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's Arrived!!!!

Got my new Speedy today!!!! I LOVE IT.  Thought it might have been to awkward to get into but so far so good...
(Speedy 30 Azur)

B xx

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favorite things - June

 Here is a list of all my favourite things this month!

Eyelash Extensions - I get mine done every 3-4 weeks, got them done last week so they're not as good as when they're first done.  I have no eye make up on in this pic

Ombre Hair - I got my hair done on Friday and showed the hairdresser many photos of blonde ombre hair.  Wasn't very happy with the stylist who had no idea how to do ombre so it turned out almost the same just slighly darker at the top.  Most people haven't even noticed I spent so much money on my hair.  She also curled my hair one side towards my face and the other side away from my face... even I know not to do that!!!

Kevin Murphy Colour Bug - I ordered the pink Wednesday last week and it hadn't arrived by the weekend so went into the city and found them so had to grab the purple.  The pink still hasn't arrived, usually things only take 2 days to get anywhere in Australia in my experience.  It was pretty easy to use, I wore gloves.  I hate washing my hair because it takes so long to dry and style so it has stayed in my hair for 2 days now, it has faded but I still like it.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 - I have been wanting this bag for a while now and yesterday I bought it!!!  It is in the Azur print, I only have the Eva bag in the Azur print which has become my favourite so wanted another in that colour.  Hopefully I like the style, it could be hard to get into.  I have the Neverfull which I use everyday but it gets very heavy because it can hold so much.  I'm sure it has destroyed my shoulders.  Now I have to decide which one to take with me to San Fran!?  I usually take the Eva as well because I love having a cross body bag on holidays. It was suppose to get delivered today but it's almost 5pm so i'm guessing tomorrow is the day!!!

Shoes - Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats
I LOVE these shoes, I have very narrow feet and do not own a pair of flats that I actually can wear for over an hour.  These bad boys I can live in.  I hated ballet flats until I bought these, they're so soft and have real whiskers.  Hehe so cute!!  I basically live in these and they go with everything.  I'm considering purchasing another pair in USA because I have nearly worn these out.  Mine are in my car which is in getting fixed so had to use a stock photo. They do have a heavy price tag but definitely worth it.  I've spent $100 on other ballet flats and they just sit in the wardrobe because they are too uncomfortable to actually wear.

Make-Up - I am highly allergic to pretty much anything on my skin.  This is me a few weeks before my wedding.  They still don't know what happened to me but think I was allergic to all the dust and all the gross stuff in our garage that I was touching as I was moving all my stored stuff into my house.  So I haven't been able to wear much make up because just about anything triggers a flair up.  I have been wearing Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation which is not stocked in Australia.  I got it in Hawaii pretty cheap, I didn't want to use my expensive stuff while my skin is like this.  It's a really good foundation, medium coverage.  One of my favs

Jewellery - Tiffany Key, love this necklace!!!   My lovely husband bought it for me for Valentines Day this year.

Flaxseed Oil - After my face exploded my Natropath got me to drink this stuff.  It is disgusting but my skin was ridiculously moisturized like it's never been before.  I've tried expensive creams from every brand but nothing has worked this well.  I hate that photobooth reverses everything :(  I take about a tablespoon in a glass of pear juice.

Hair Products - Love these products
1. Pure Oil of Marrakesh
2. Juuce Syrup Shine Serum
3. Divine Ends Leave-in Treatment
4. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Would die without this stuff!
The first 3 products are by Juuce, The Oil is my favourite, I also have it in a spray and spray the ends of my hair every night. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Pinterest- Just awesome, can't even explain.  Some fantastic ideas on recipes, parties, style, home decor, weddings, etc.  Follow me on pinterest here ->

Etsy - Lots of cute prints for my house, beautiful handmade jewellery, bought lots of things for my wedding off this site

iPad - I love my iPad!!! I did drop it down a flight of stairs onto a concrete floor earlier this month but it only had a dent in one corner.  I love my sticker of Snow White holding the apple, purchased on ETSY!!!

TV Shows
Pretty Little Liars - the new season is not that good but great fashion.
Breaking Bad  -my Husband and I love watching 2-4 episodes each night.  We got through 3 seasons in only a few weeks, episodes are about an hour each!  My mother got me hooked, waiting for season 4!!!

My Favourite youtube video this month - Kristin Bell (I LOVED Veronica Mars!)
Till next time
B xxx

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wish List for USA

Wish List for USA

Louis Vuitton Speedy

 Tom's Shoes and maybe some matching ones for the Hubby
 Lots of OPI nail polishes or Essie or China Glaze
 Alexander Wang Rocco Bag
Bath & Body Works Candles
 Jonathan Adler Needlepoint Pillows
 Revlon Lip Butters

 Tarte Lip Stain
Tarte Cheek Stain

I'm sure there's lots more but just can't think of anything else...

B x

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Little House

I am obsessed with home decor!!!! I'm totally into Pinterest trying to make my house look like magazine standard which is pretty impossible in my tiny townhouse.
I have been having lots of fun with a can of black gloss paint, randomly one day decided I didn't need to have my husband with me to go and get paint so headed down to Bunnings and grabbed everything I needed. I only wanted to paint our hideous 90's apricot staircase a beautiful shiny black. It was surprisingly easy and turned out really nice seeing I had never painted before.

I had about half a can left so grabbed my old white dressing table I got about 10 years ago for my b'day and painted it!!! I LOVE how it turned out. I have wanted a Ghost chair forever and thought this table would make a cute desk for my laptop to be on. We set the table up downstairs in a little corner. We went to DARE furniture on the weekend to buy my Ghost chair only to find they had 1 black one on sale from $350 down to $99. I can not go past a bargain so had to get the black which I'm in love with now. 

Can't wait till we can get a new bed, dying for one with a padded headboard thing, don't really know what they are called.  Also want to wallpaper the wall behind the bed.  Did anybody notice what the pillow says? hehe

This week we also purchased another long wanted item for our bedroom. Mirrored bedside tables!!!!! Now we just need a pretty chest of drawers instead of our wood ones which do not match. Seeing as though I've got paint crazy I'm thinking of painting them with the remaining black gloss paint.
 Our Puppy (well he's 1 now but he's our puppy) loves going to rides in the back of the ute.  He's wearing another new jacket, my mother spends more money on him then on all of us kids combined.  

 Me and the Husband finally used one of our wedding gifts, our Breville Juicer.  I've been pretty sick lately so thought some carrot juice might do the trick.  It didn't make me better but it was pretty good.  The juicer itself if really good, we don't have much in our fridge so only had some carrots and an apple, the apple definitely makes it takes a little nicer.  Cleaning the thing is a pain in the A$$!!!!

Only 2 weeks until I go to San Francisco!!!!  I haven't been buying much lately because I know I want to do some shopping over there.  I might have to do a post of my USA wish list, it's getting longer every day.  Anybody have any must dos while in San Fran?  I've never been, I have been to America quite a few times but not there.  I'll start getting excited after this week, last week of classes and it's Parents Watch Week which is so exhausting having to teach and have all the noisy parents in the room.  7 classes tomorrow!!!!!  I also have to figure out substitute teachers for while I'm gone.

I would love to do OOTD (Outfit of the Day) but unfortunately I only ever wear workout gear.  Fridays I get to wear normal people clothes and also on Sundays

KITTEN D'AMOR opens this Thursday at Carindale!  Is anybody else excited???  Husband says I'm allowed to buy some stuff cuz he likes that style.

B xxx