Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Love Etsy

Today's post is showing you some of my favorite Etsy sellers/productsEtsy is a website that sells handmade items, you can find almost anything on Etsy.  It's a great website for weddings and baby stuff.

Gaston's Scarf
I love this handmade scarf, looks absolutely adorable and gets lots of attention whenever my little man wears it.

iPad mini case
This is my absolute favorite iPad case I have ever owned and I've bought about 10 with this probably being the cheapest and best.  It fits the iPad so well, it's super snug which is fantastic for your handbag because it takes up no extra room.  The shop now has slightly different cases from when I bought mine, the picture now goes all the way to the edges and it fits a bit different but I hear it's even better now!    I can't wait to get my hands on an iPhone case.

Dog ID Tag
This is Gastons ID tag, it is made so well and has our phone number on the back.  I have never seen ID tags like this, much nicer then the usual ones and I think it's going to last a very long time.

Car Trash Bag
So I have this in my car around the gear stick.  It's a great idea and is also really cute, mine is a slightly different design but they don't stock it anymore.  It's made really well and comes in super handy when you're a mess like me!

Wedding Lip Balm
I ordered 40 of these personalized lip balms for my Wedding Welcome bags.  I sent the lady our wedding monogram and chose the flavors and these little beauties arrived.  Once again the quality was fantastic and each flavor smelt delicious.  I still see these are peoples houses and in peoples bags so I know they were a great little gift in the bags. 
This is some of the stuff in our Wedding Welcome bags including the lip balms

Wedding Fans
This is a picture of our fans that we had on each guests seat at the ceremony.  I had them sent to Hawaii where my brother lived and picked them up when we went to Hawaii for Christmas a few months before the wedding to save on postage. 

Address Stamp
This is a great little stamp which we have used for our Engagement Invitations, Wedding Invitations and Thank You letters.  It gives a special touch to any letters/invitations you send out.  Once again, this product is made very well and I would highly recommend it.

Bride Dress Hanger
 I wanted to get this hanger for the photos of my dress.  It looked great in all my pics and once again was made very well.

These are my passport wedding invitations which I can't link to because the seller no longer sells them or anything like it.  They were so well made and so much cheaper then getting them in Australia.

B xx

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stop me from shopping!

Some of my latest finds are below along with some annoying photos of my gorgeous Pug puppy!
Hubby Puppy and I

Gaston got to come out to Lunch with us and he was so excited

Wasn't to keen on the flash

Mini Shopping Haul

Got these on sale marked down from $10 to 95c then 30% off they came down to 65c each

Forever new  iPhone case and Rose Gold Forever New earrings

Picked up a cute Owl tea strainer and some T2 Strawberries & Cream

I got another Ceramic Drum Stood but this time it was on clearance for $20, I plan to paint it a light blue for the guest room

Gaston LOVE pillows!

Cute little Owl Vast from Target
That's all for today folks
B xx

Thursday, May 2, 2013


A few ideas for Mothers Day gifts...


Packages galore!

Today was a great day, I got 3 packages in the mail!!!!  Now don't judge, I bought this stuff over a month and they all happened to arrive at the same time.  The first package that arrived was from a friend who lives in USA, I got all my USA shopping shipped to her house and then she put it all in one package and sent it on to me.  In this package I had stuff from ULTA, Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret.


This is everything I got from Ulta and because I spent over $60 I got free shipping (to a USA address) and a $120 value sample pack (in the next picture).

Everything from Ulta was either 40% off or buy one get one free

This is the sample pack I received with my Ulta order, I do not think it is really worth $120 but hey, it was FREE!!!

 Excited to try these Benefit face creams
 This is how I store all my sample sized products which sits on my bathroom bench so that I actually use them.  You can see I also have the little samples they hand out while you're in line at Sephora.

Victoria's Secret

Bath & Body Works

I was really sad that the candles weren't on sale for 2 for $20 which they always are so I opted to grab 3 of the mini candles so that shipping to Australia wouldn't be to high.  Mahogany Teakwood is my absolute favorite scent so I also grabbed the Room spray.  I found a coupon for a free travel sized body wash and the scentportables were buy 2 get one free so I grabbed 6 of them and a scentportable unit for my car. 
Room Spray - Can't find the Mahogany Teakwood online
Coupon for 20% off any online purchase at Bath & Body Works - SPRINGPICK13
That is everything I got in my package from USA.  


Chemist Warehouse

Next a box arrived from Chemist Warehouse only hours later.  They had a sale on perfumes and if you spent $30 you got free shipping.  The perfume I wanted was Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and it was only $29.99 so I had to buy something else.  I decided on some Nurofen as we don't have ANY pain killers in our house and I have been getting headaches lately and then I grabbed some Witch Hazel wipes as mine are completely gone.

  Lovely - I love this fragrance and it came with a Rollerball!!!



How cute are these iPhone 5/iPad mini usb cords!   They were from an Australian seller so they arrived within days, much better then getting them from China!

Those are all the packages that arrived today!  I had lots of fun getting ready to go out today but now my makeup doesn't quite fit in my Makeup Box.  

B xx