Friday, September 7, 2012

Louis Vuitton Collection

Louis Vuitton Collection

I know a lot of people ask why I don't try other high end designer brands for bags, I always try but never Love anything.  I use my mum's Chanel bag sometimes but it's soft leather and always feels like I will ruin it.  I like that Louis Vuitton are virtually indestructible, my oldest bag is 7 years old and looks perfect.  On the other hand I have many other bags, I find that I have to be very careful with those because of the leather and the colour transfers.

1. Neverfull Damier
2. Speedy 35
3. Insolite Wallet Monogram Multicolore
4. Agenda
5. Keepall with Strap, I think it's a 45?
6. No idea what this one is called
7. Eva Clutch
8. Key Holder

B xx


  1. The only designer brand bags I have are Ed Hardy, everything else is store or ebay bought. I buy for fun, colour, design, NOT brand. If I love it I'll buy it, as long as the price is reasonable. So, I've never had a Louis Vuitton and don't plan on it. The colours turn me off and so do designer prices.

  2. I love LV too. They are currently going a little wild with the bright colours so am waiting for it to tone down again before I make another purchase. Still, I doubt my collection is as vast as yours...Nice one.

  3. Thanks, I really do love all my bags. I probably don't need anymore so I'm going to try and be good for a while now. I gotta start saving for Europe!