Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Welcome Bags

Hi everyone,  I thought I'd share with you what I put in my Welcome bags.  I was married in Thailand and arrived a week early, went to each hotel and dropped off the bags at the receptions.  Each bag had a name printed on it and attached with a pretty lillac ribbon that says 'and they lived Happily Ever After...'  

Here is a list of the items in each bag
- Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works)
- Advil (huge box purchased off ebay)
- Tissues
- Sunscreen sachets
- Lip Balm with our names and date of wedding
- Map of the area
-Thank you booklet
- Dice
- Currency Conversion Chart (Wallet Size)
- Deck of Cards (not pictured)
- Mentos Gum

 This is the back of the Thank you booklet so that guests knew what was happening on the Big Day
 The front of the Thank you booklet

When we got to our hotel I put all the goodies in the bags.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wedding Details

I thought I would share with you some of the little details of my wedding preparation.
One of the first things I did was order these gorgeous Welcome Bags for my guests from  The Flower Girl bag I made myself and had another one for my Junior Bridesmaid so they felt a little special

I had these lip balms custom made with our wedding Monogram in all different flavors and in 2 different colours.  Everyone loved these in their bags and used them the whole trip.  We had these fans with our names and wedding date on the chairs at the ceremony, it was super hot.  We just added the little tassels from Lincraft.

             This isn't the best photo but they were very hard to photograph.  These were our personalized M&M's with our photo, names, Wedding destination and I Do.  They were suppose to come in Lilac, Beige and Pearl but somehow they switched the Pearl with RED!!!!  It wouldn't have made it to redo them so M&M company gave me half my money back and I just used the red.  I don't know why the Beige isn't photographed.   They were then put into little Wedding Dresses or Tux's on each guests plate.  I found the bags on ebay very cheap.

My handmade Brooch Bouquet.  I wired all my brooches then tied them all together (the hardest part) and then got the extra satin from my dress and wrapped it all around the stem and underside.   

Next I had ordered extra lace from my dress which I hand beaded (took about 8 hours) and also added a small blue bead (something Blue) I also purchased the large brooch on the stem from Adore and it was finally complete.  Pictured here with my Coathanger for my dress. 

This is how I had to try and transport the very delicate bouquet overseas and all our luggage ready for the trip.  My best friend gave me the Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag with my new initials on as a wedding Gift.  What a great idea.  It hasn't changed colour like the bag yet but I'm sure it will soon

I will gather everything that I put into the Welcome Bags together and photograph so you can all see what I did.  Everyone LOVED their bags.

B xxx

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rainy Friday

Hello Friday!  My favorite day, day off!
Today I will finish my Thank You cards and post them off and clean the house as it's gotten a bit out hand this week. 
I'm trying to burn all my candles so that I have an excuse to buy more while in the USA in July.  Today I'm burning one of my last bigger candles the Yankee Candle - River Valley and upstairs I'm burning a buddha bum Vanilla Frosting

I'm changing my nailpolish today to OPI Sweetheart which is the polish I purchased to wear on my wedding day though days before flying to Thailand for the wedding it was no where to be found so I had to go with a French Manicure.  I found it 2 days after we got home. 

I'm excited to go into the city this afternoon to pick up the husband from work so we can exchange his Tiffany & Co bracelet that broke.  It is no longer made so we have to choose something else.  I might get my Engagement Ring cleaned while I'm in there, it's so grotty!

I'm off to San Francisco pretty soon and have not organized anything as it was a bit of a last minute trip booked about a week ago.  I've got my USA travel books all ready but I'm going to a work conference so will only have about 5 days to myself where I will need to fit in some shopping for the business as everything is so much cheaper over there.  I will not be doing much shopping as I just got back from Thailand and in December was in Hawaii for Christmas and I'm off to Bora Bora in September for our belated Honeymoon. 

My next post will be some details about my wedding, I used blogs to get some ideas so I thought I'd share what I used. 

B xxx

Wedding Thank you notes Finished!

I finished them!!!  First of all everyone gets three mini cards from Moo ( with a different combination of photos for each person.  My bridesmaids get ones with photos of them and me and my grandparents get ones with them in it etc.  On the back I put our Wedding Logo/monogram which I purchased off Etsy.  I attached them together with the Cristina Re Jewel Paper Fasteners which make them look very pretty.
These are the actual Thank You notes which I have hand written a small letter on.  They are the normal postcard size and the quality is amazing.  Also from Moo. 
This is everything together showing both sides.  I love how they turned out, hope all my friends and family love them too. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Thank you stuff has arrived

My order from Moo arrived today!  It is all of my things to put together my thank you notes.  Below are the Mini cards which are about half the size of a business card.  I got 100 different designs so each person will get 3 cards attached together with a Cristina Re Jewel Paper Fastener. 
These are my actual thank you notes.  They are a normal sized postcard in 20 different designs and the back says Thank you and then in the bottom corner 'Love is to share... Mine is for you'  These will have a personal note written and then everything in a pretty envelope which I need to go and buy tomorrow.                                                             
Hopefully I will get a few of them written up tonight and the rest done tomorrow and then will need to address and stamp and then send.  Weddings are lots of work but so much fun!!

B xxx

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My destination wedding

Thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite pics of our destination wedding in Thailand.  I hand made my bouquet and planned the whole wedding from Australia without ever speaking to my wedding planner, just emails. 
B xxx

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jewellery Storage

This morning I woke up so excited to see 45 page views!  That's probably not very many at all but I was stoked expecting about 5, all my friends that I've made read my blog.

Lately I have been searching for a new way to store all my jewellery but considering my upcoming overseas trips I'm on a bit of a spending ban.  I still have my costume, cheap jewellery at my mum's house (I only just moved back into my townhouse after I got married last month and kicked out my Brother and his wife) and now I'm thinking of getting rid of it because I honestly never wear the stuff.

I ended up finding a jar and filled it with my necklaces.  Not sure if they're all going to get tangled but I only generally wear my Tiffany Key necklace over my Tiffany Bow necklace.
All my bracelets now sit on the black bracelet holder, dangle earrings are in the longer Tiffany box and stud earrings in the smaller one.  All Gold jewellery is in the Gold Mimco box and pearls in the pearly little box.  So far this has all worked well but we'll see.

xxx B

Hair cuff

Did anyone watch The Voice tonight? I'm pretty sure Delta Goodrem was wearing a hair cuff which is what I was wearing in my hair today!!! I got mine off ebay and got the largest size but as you can see it's struggling to fit around all my hair.
xxx B

My First Post

All about me...
I am 27 years old.  Recently married (1.5 months so far)  Have a pet Sun Conure parrot.  Run a business.  Learning to be a wife.  Planned my destination wedding in Thailand.  Love making interesting gifts for friends and family.  Love watching my fav T.V Shows before they come out in Australia.  I really want to share all the pretty things in my life through pictures (i'm going to have to download instagram and figure out how to use it)  I want to add pics of outfits but as I am a dance teacher I basically only wear workout gear (Lorna Jane & Victoria's Secret PINK) everyday except Sundays.   I am going to San Francisco in just over a month and then to Bora Bora for our Honeymoon (late I know) so hopefully lots of fun new things.  I don't know if anyone will ever read this blog so it may just be an online diary for me. 

This is Amigo.  Me and my three brothers bought him for mum last mothers day from a breeder down in Sydney.  We organized for a pet taxi to go and pick him up from his breeder and take him to the airport and check him in for his flight and we met him at the Brisbane airport.  He is a bassethound and my mum in completely obsessed with him.  He is now 1 and is humungeous!!  He is super spoilt and has grown out of 2 Driza-bone jackets already.  Mum also has a miniature pony, chickens and stingless bees.  Will have to post photos one day of her mini farm animals.

This is Coco Chanel.  My baby parrot.  This is when she was only a baby eating a pizza off my daddy's hand.  She loves pizza but her favourite thing is ice-cream, she goes bonkers over ice-cream.  Coco screams at the top of her lungs every morning and pretty much anytime you leave the room and don't take her with you.  She can do a few tricks, shake, turn around, hands up (she puts her wings up) ... we really need to work on some more tricks. 

Well I'm going to go and see if I can figure out how to post this and then might try another one tomorrow after I get Instagram on my iPhone

xxx B