Saturday, November 17, 2012

MIA - New stuff

I've been pretty busy with the end of year concert and the new puppy and my new niece was born a week ago but here are some of the pretty things I've bought lately...


 Crystal Door Knobs

I grabbed a pack of 12 Crystal door knobs off eBay and they finally arrived.  They fit perfectly into the old holes so I put them on all of our bathroom cupboards all by myself with my pink toolkit.  Looks so much better, loving it!!!
Close up

Cleaning Supplies

I went to the grocery store to stock up on some Cleaning supplies and ended up spending $80!  I'm loving the fact that most of the cleaning stuff now is disposable, the toilet cleaning wipes can be flushed and I stocked up on the AJAX spray & wipe Wipes.  Don't mind the Malteasers, they were on sale for half price so had to grab them.
 I got some more laundry pods and decided to store them in a crystal vase to spruce up the laundry shelf.  The pink pods are Vanish Stain remover pods

 Witch Hazel

I bought this after reading many of reviews of it, I use it to take off my make up and then to tone.  I've been pretty lazy and haven't been cleansing but skin seems fine just making sure I use a good moisturizer.  I would totally recommend this stuff and I have super sensitive skin and it has not irritated me.

 Hair Donut

These can be found anywhere but I got mine from our shop

 BB Cream

This isn't new but I'm really loving my BB cream now that it's getting hot.  I got this last year from ebay

 Forever New

Everything that was on sale was then 50% off so the dress ended up being around $50 & the necklace $12

Kitten D'Amour

Peplum Skirt
Free Cincher Belt for spending over $250, will probably sell this

Monday, November 5, 2012

Our first week together

Our baby boy Gaston who can sit and shake! He's a smart baby boy.




Love him xx