Saturday, August 18, 2012

How well does a Louis Vuitton burn?

How well does a Louis Vuitton burn?  Pretty well actually!  My (blonde) mother may have accidentally left the stove on and then placed her handbag on top of it for a few hours!  Not sure how many exactly but approximately 3 hours and this is what it looked like after cooking for that long on a hot stove.  As you can see it did not actually catch on fire, just burnt nice and evenly, mum finally realized after she came downstairs and smelt something strange.  So in conclusion, Louis Vuitton's great quality showed through and you now know that you can leave a Louis on a stove and it won't catch fire!!!

You can see the bottom of the bag changed colours a little bit...
But the bottom wasn't looking so great. 
B xx

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