Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My little workspace

My husband received a new desk for his birthday a few weeks ago so we had to move his previous white desk into the other spare room where I decided I would set the desk up for me to use.  I do a  lot of work at home so it has been great so far, just need a TV in there to accomodate my ridiculous addiction to having a TV on in every room.  I can't even brush my teeth without taking my iPad with a youtube video on it into the bathroom.  

Here are a couple of photos of how I set it up when I moved everything in, it's changed since I took these photos.  I still need to paint the room but it will also eventually be a nursery so I'm thinking about doing Gold dots on one wall.  I have a Cameo Silhouette so will just need to order the gold vinyl and cut out lots of circles.

I love my personalized iPad mini case from this Etsy Shop

I glittered the bottom of my letters in Gold, they will match my spotty wall

Loving this cute waste paper basket I got for $3 from Officeworks
This couch is right next to the desk, Gaston fell asleep on the pillows while I was arranging everything onto the desk.
 There's so much more to do but at least I have finally started organizing the room that kept bits and pieces of EVERYTHING.  Will keep you posted on any updates. 

B xx

Monday, April 15, 2013

Eyelash extensions

I finally got my eyelash extensions redone after not having them for a year. I stopped because I had so many mascaras that I hadn't even opened yet, about 12 of them, so I have slowly been going through them. The first time I got eyelashes was about 4-5 years ago when they were fairly new and barely any places did them and they weren't that good but over the years they have gotten much better. This is my best set yet and they were pretty cheap.

I got a voucher from a friend for 30% off. They were $75 for a full set minus the discount which ended up being $52 and then it's $45 every 2 weeks for refills. This is very cheap compared to what I use to pay in a salonas this is a young girls business from home.

I took some photos of before and after. Both have no makeup on at all, the extensions are amazing! Love them!!!!

B x


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Introducing Heyer Lyndee

This is for my brother who was sad I haven't featured his brand new baby daughter in my blog yet. She is 5 weeks old and is a beautiful little girl with gorgeous big blue owl eyes and doll lips. Heyer is the first child for my brother James and his wife Holly. Enjoy these photos of our precious little Heyer


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A few things...

Once again I have been terrible at blogging! I went to New Zealand on the weekend for a competition and other then that I've been working but it's Easter holidays so I get to blog.
It was hubby's birthday so I got him a Mikita drill and some other little things.

 Hubby's new drill with my pink tools that he had to use along with his manly drill to put something up for me!  Maybe I need to get him his own toolkit so I can have mine back

How adorable are these owl earrings?  The set of 3 was only $2 from Kmart!!!

My lil baby Esther again, we love selfies

My boys having cuddles, Gaston LOVES cuddles

New outdoor light, on sale for $50!!

Gaston's new house which I think we will have to throw away because he goes inside it and goes a little crazy, he flips it around the room until he crashes into a wall and then he is stuck!

Trade Secret is the BEST!!!  I picked up a Yankee Candle, Yankee car jar and some teatowels

This is Gastons favorite toy, it was the first one I bought for him when we found out we were getting him.  His is completely trashed and I've been looking for a replacement for months and finally found one so I bough 2 of them for when this new one gets trashed.

Loving these Sally Hansen Salon effects which I found at the Chemist Warehouse on sale for $5 which is great as they are usually around $15

When I was packing for New Zealand I grabbed my little pouch that holds makeup etc that I carry in my handbag everyday.  It looks pretty big but that pouch is about the size of an iPhone and fits all of this stuff in it.  I think I carry too many lip products with me and 4 mascaras is a bit of an overkill!
That's all folks, just another random post!

B x