Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Welcome Bags

Hi everyone,  I thought I'd share with you what I put in my Welcome bags.  I was married in Thailand and arrived a week early, went to each hotel and dropped off the bags at the receptions.  Each bag had a name printed on it and attached with a pretty lillac ribbon that says 'and they lived Happily Ever After...'  

Here is a list of the items in each bag
- Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works)
- Advil (huge box purchased off ebay)
- Tissues
- Sunscreen sachets
- Lip Balm with our names and date of wedding
- Map of the area
-Thank you booklet
- Dice
- Currency Conversion Chart (Wallet Size)
- Deck of Cards (not pictured)
- Mentos Gum

 This is the back of the Thank you booklet so that guests knew what was happening on the Big Day
 The front of the Thank you booklet

When we got to our hotel I put all the goodies in the bags.


  1. Cute idea to do goody bags! I like the idea of a map. SO necessary!



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