Friday, September 21, 2012

Forever New & Peter Alexander Haul

Today I had some meetings at the Gold Coast so stopped by Harbourtown for a bit of shopping before heading home.  Here is what I bought from Forever New, there was a sale with 40% off the lowest sale prices.

RRP $39.99 SALE $17.97

RRP $49.99 SALE $23.97

RRP $69.99 SALE $29.99

Clare Zip Bac - No Longer online
RRP $119.99 SALE $53.97

RRP $59.99 SALE $29.99

I have no picture
 Gold Skinny Belt - No longer online
RRP $16.99 SALE $7.77

RRP $39.99 SALE $14

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fulfilled Wishes and wanting wishes

 Fulfilled Wishes

I have finally bought my  fav Sunnies at a fantastic price.  Originally I had a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators but I left them in New York somewhere so replaced them with Tom Ford Aviators (I miss them so much) and left them in Thailand.  I didn't want to pay full price to replace them AGAIN so have been searching for them for cheap and then got an email this morning from and they had the Ray Ban Aviators both Gold & Silver options for $88 delivery included!!!  I promptly ordered the gold pair and almost wanna order the Silver as well but I'm restraining myself.
About 3 weeks ago I got an email from the same company offering Ray Ban Wayfers in Black which is what have also been wanting.  I have these in red but because I wear a lot of Pink I can't wear them a lot of the time.  I got them for $69 delivered but they haven't arrived yet. 


New iPad case

Thought I'd try out the new company that is advertised EVERYWHERE, where they offer free shipping.  I wanted something cheap to try out the website and this sparkly iPad case caught my eye.  It comes in silver and blue as well.  I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived today (Thursday).  Very fast shipping and it was only $11 on sale


We pretty much have this exact couch so for Spring time I want some of these bright colourful cushions.  I have found a few that I like but just need to order them

Spike Bracelet

I really want this one but you can only get it in USA so will probably get it shipped to a friend in the US when she goes over there unless I can find the same one here

B xx

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My week in pics


Our purchases at the Asian supermarket
Cool wall
Shaved Ice
Korean BBQ
I made Chicken Katsu!  It was totally edible

Other stuff this week

Had a spa with my Lush bath bomb

Got lots of new hair products! 
 This weeks iphone case
 all my hair products
 Cute containers for my Cotton tips and cotton buds
 Husband working, I can't wait to make the office look pretty!

 Beautiful new Tissue holder from my lovely Sister-in-Law
 My favorite flower
 Went a little overboard buying Up & Go's for my Hubby.  They were on sale for only $2!!!! Bargain
 My Vogues
 My candles are getting low!  Might have to get some more soon
 Trying to find a place to hang this
 And this one, it's all our tickets, hotel swipe card etc from our wedding in Thailand
Was cleaning and found our papers for our wedding rings!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We're going to the MALDIVES!!!

 Our flights are booked and accommodation paid for!!!!  We are going on a late Honeymoon to the Maldives, staying in an Over-water Bungalow.  I'm getting pretty excited, will have to start getting some cute bikini's.  Our Water Bungalow has a ladder into the ocean and a see-through floor.  We're going in December for only 6 days and we will just do NOTHING for the entire time. 3 Months to go!
B xx

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Outfits this week

 Tiffany inspired Nails this week!
 Blouse - Flower top
Leggings -  Black Leggings

 Blazer - Pink Blazer

Pants - Bardot, I can't find a link to these pants
Witchery T- from last year
Tiffany Necklace - Key Necklace

 Dress - Rachel Taylor Dress
Shoes - Betts Wedges

Friday, September 7, 2012

Louis Vuitton Collection

Louis Vuitton Collection

I know a lot of people ask why I don't try other high end designer brands for bags, I always try but never Love anything.  I use my mum's Chanel bag sometimes but it's soft leather and always feels like I will ruin it.  I like that Louis Vuitton are virtually indestructible, my oldest bag is 7 years old and looks perfect.  On the other hand I have many other bags, I find that I have to be very careful with those because of the leather and the colour transfers.

1. Neverfull Damier
2. Speedy 35
3. Insolite Wallet Monogram Multicolore
4. Agenda
5. Keepall with Strap, I think it's a 45?
6. No idea what this one is called
7. Eva Clutch
8. Key Holder

B xx

This week in Pics & OOTD


 Zara blazer, white t, Levi Jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, black Tiffany onyx bracelet, Tiffany Key necklace, Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats,


 I planted Lavender today, we'll see if I kill it!
 I planted this about 4 years ago and have never really watered it or anything and it's survived!
 Love my Buddah

Random Pics....

 Father's Day driving to Lunch
 The boy on fathers day at the water
 Birthday Cake made by my students

 Puppy dog while we were all eating dinner at the Parentals