Friday, May 2, 2014

The nursery so far...

So this is the nursery so far, the colours look a bit strange because I took these pics late at night. Everything looks so yellow, I might have to retake them during the day. I now have all my main furniture for the nursery, I do need some curtains and some shelves for inside the cupboard but can live without those things for now.  I have ordered my diaper bin which should arrive tomorrow or after the weekend.   The biggest addition is our gorgeous glider.  It is an Olli Ella glider and I'm completely in love with it and the colours match the nursery perfectly. 
I'm not sure if I had my 4Moms Mumaroo last time I showed the nursery and I also got a Bumbo!  Both these will live downstairs once baby boy arrives along with the pram that will obviously be in the car. 
I have tried to set up the little side baskets of the change table so they are ready, I think I have everything that I'll need.  Butt cream, wipes and  cotton buds and nappies on the other side. I've also hung all my bibs off the changeable but they might move to the kitchen or maybe half do them to the kitchen.  On the other side I've hung his 2 towels and his capule cover which will live in the car once the capsule arrives. 
Lastly I had to take a pic of all his cute shoes. I love lil boy shoes!!!

Enjoy xx

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  1. That looks great. A clean and crisp nursery.