Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jax's Hospital Bag

I have recently finished packing my baby boys hospital bag and thought I'd share what I've packed. For Jax's bag I'm using his nappy bag which is the Mimco baby bay with the gunmetal hardware. 
The only thing that doesn't fit is his Nanny Pickle blanket which has its own bag, I'll probably just attach it to the outside of the bag on a clip or something. 

Here is everything that's in the bag including a Mimco convertible pouch that turns into a tote in case I have extra things to bring home with me from hospital. I forgot to take out a wet bag that's in one of the pockets for all his dirty stuff. 

1 packet of Newborn Huggies nappies
1 packet of 64 Huggies wipes
4 burp cloths
Nanny Pickle blanket

1 Avent bottle
2 silicon bottles
3 formula dispensers (still need to fill with formula)
2 Gumdrop dummies
2 Avent dummies
1 dummy chain

Forever New pouch
Johnsons powder (I won't actually use Johnsons once we get home, it was just the right size for this pouch)
California baby - everyday lotion, Shampoo and body wash, diaper rash cream, jelly mousse (in case he has hair), cream
3 samples of Sudocrem
4 samples of Bepanthen
Nappy bags
Cotton buds

His 4 daytime outfits with beanies

His pjs and singlets 

That's all the little mans things now I just need to pack mine. 

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