Sunday, February 9, 2014


My husband and I along with a very good friend, Edie, traveled to Europe for a best friends Wedding in Italy.  Here are some pictures and videos on our travels.  We were lucky enough to visit Paris, Monaco, Rome, Venice, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Santorini, Mkyonos, Athens and Dubai.

Here are our 4 days in Paris...

We got to go and see the Moulin Rouge and go backstage as Edie was a dancer there.  Me and hubby bought a Louis Vuitton each on the Champs Elysee, he got Louis High Top sneakers and I got a bracelet.  You might also notice my new Louis Vuitton bag I bought for the trip before I left, it is a Mini Alma in Indian Rose, LOVE IT!!!

A few vlogs from Paris,
Paris day 4/Monaco day 1

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pics!! And completely irrelevant but love your pink blazer :)